Solar Elite® Lifetime

Solar Elite® Lifetime

The Solar Elite Lifetime feeder offers all of the same great lifetime features available in the Elite feeder with the added benefit of a wrap around high impact solar panel that charges an included gel cell battery. This feeder gives you a lifetime of hunting without the lifetime of battery changes.

• Lifetime Warranty
• All Aluminum Housing Construction
• Programmable LCD
• Totally Integrated Solar Wrap Technology
• Waterproof Design – LCD Housed in Base
• Customized Feedings 1 to 6 Times per Day, Durations of 1 to 30 Seconds
• Easily Programmed
• 3 Motor Speeds
• Universal Mounting to Fit Most Hoppers
• 6-Volt High Torque Feeder Motor
• 6-Volt Gel Cell Battery (Included)
*Funnel, Spinplate, Solar Panel, and Battery are not covered under the Lifetime Warranty.

Price: $265.00